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Horse Gold is a manufacturer of supplements and other medications for horses. On their main products, GastroMax3, is an ulcer preventative. Because a high percentage of race horses suffer from painful, debilitating stomach ulcers, preventing them is extremely important. GastroMax3 by Horse Gold is a generic alternative to UlcerGard.

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GastroMax3 Paste for Horses, Oral Syringe
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Help prevent pain gastric ulcers in horses with GastroMax3 GastroMax3 Paste for Horses, Oral Syringe is a cost-effective way to prevent gastric ulcers in horses. Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) is a common ailment that may affect anywhere between 70% and 90% of racing Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds. Painful stomach ulcers can reduce your horse's performance and may even lead to death. GastroMax3 has the same amount of omeprazole as name-brand products like UlcerGard, but at a cheaper...

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