The Danger of Heartworm Infection - Infographic

Heartworm infection is a dangerous condition that can lead to severe lung disease, heart failure and damage to the body's other organs. Dog owners (and even cat owners) should consider year-round heartworm protection to prevent a potentially fatal infection and a costly medical bill.

Heartworm disease is transmitted when a mosquito bites an infected animal and later bites an uninfected animal. Canine heartworm disease has been diagnosed in all 50 states, so although infection is less prevalent in some areas of the country than others, all dogs are at risk for contracting the disease.

Symptoms of heartworm disease include a mild persistent cough, a decrease in activity, fatigue, loss of appetite and weight loss. Contact your pet's veterinarian with any questions or concerns regarding heartworm prevention or diagnosis.

Heartworm Infection in the USA

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