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Fleabusters flea and tick control powder is an alternative to liquid pesticides and foggers. Fleabusters kills fleas physically, not chemically, for one year. Keep your dog or cat free from fleas with Fleabusters at discount prices.

Fleabusters Rx is a borate powder for application to carpets. When used properly, it is very effective at killing fleas and other insects to treat and prevent infestations. The product works by attaching to flea larvae and dehydrating them.

Benefits of Fleabusters Rx:

  • Fine powder enables easy application
  • Statically charged to cling to carpet fibers and attach to flea larvae
  • Neutral pH of 7.0 to prevent harm to carpets and avoid detection by insects
  • Works against flea larvae to break the flea life cycle
  • Resists vacuuming for long-lasting protection
  • Safer than most liquid pesticide products
  • 33% less toxic than pure boric acid powder
  • Manufacturer provides a one year satisfaction guarantee

For use on carpets. Effectiveness is increased if all carpeted areas of the home are treated, including those not frequented by pets. Not for use directly on pets.


Keep children and pets away from treatment area during application; area is safe for humans and animals immediately after treatment. Do not use product on wet carpets.


Store in the original packaging, out of reach of children and animals.

Fleabusters Rx is an OTC product.

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