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Fast Balance G.I., 35cc
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Availability: Over the Counter
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Dog, Cat, and Horse Digestive Aids

Fast Balance-G.I. is a digestive supplement for dogs, cats, and horses that helps firm up loose stools and re-balances the gastrointestinal tract. Fast Balance-G.I. also works to remedy imbalances caused by garbage gut, food sensitivities, stress, age, and traveling.

Fast Balance-G.I. rapidly restores a healthy balance of beneficial microflora to the gastrointestinal tract following illness, antibiotic use, kenneling, traveling, and other unsettling or stressful events. The supplement is recommended to improve comfort and treat diarrhea caused by gastrointestinal imbalance.

Benefits of Fast Balance-G.I.:

  • Most animals respond favorably within 24 hours
  • Ideal for cats and dogs with food insensitivities
  • Quickly eliminates vomiting and diarrhea
  • Easy to administer and dose
  • Not associated with side effects or adverse reactions
  • Good source of enzymes, vitamins, and probiotics
  • Minimizes bloating, stomach upset, and other symptoms

Use Fast Balance-G.I. only as directed by your veterinarian.

Consult your doctor before using this product if your animal is currently being treated for a stomach or intestinal disorder.

Do not allow children to administer this product.


  1. Give 5 cc to animals weighing up to 10 lbs. 2 times daily.
  2. Give 5 cc to animals weighing 11-20 lbs. 3 times daily.
  3. Give 10 cc to animals weighing 21-30 lbs. 3 times daily.
  4. Give 15 cc to animals weighing 31-50 lbs. 3 times daily.
  5. Give 20 cc to animals weighing 51 lbs. or more 3 times daily.

Frequency of Use:

In most cases, Fast Balance-G.I. is given 3 times per day.


Store Fast Balance-G.I. in a cool and dry location, in the original packaging, away from pets and children.

It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

Active Ingredients (per 10 cc serving): Pantothenic Acid 10.5 mg, Pyridoxine HCl (Vitamin B6) 2.5 mg, Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 1.0 mg, Mixed Lactic Acid Bacteria 1.3 x 107 CFU, Saccharomycee cerevisiae 3.4 x 106 CFU, Bacillus subtilis 3.8 x 105 CFU, Aspergillus oryzae 1.3 x 105 CFU

Inactive Ingredients: carrageenan, d-calcium pantothenate, dried apple pectin pulp, dried aspergillus niger fermentation extract, dried aspergillus oryzae fermentation extract, dried bacillus subtilis fermentation extract, dried enterococcus faecium fermentation product, dried lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried lactobacillus casei fermentation product, dried lactobacillus plantarum fermentation product, mucilage, polysorbate-80, primary yeast dehydrated, silicon dioxide, vegetable oil, yeast extract, yeast fermentation solubles


Keep this product out of reach of children and animals. Do not use or store in or near open flame or heat.

Fast Balance-G.I. is intended for use in cats and dogs only. Not for use in other animals. Not for human supplementation.

CAUTION: It is not known if this product is safe for use in pregnant animals or in those intended for breeding.

Discontinue use and consult your veterinarian if symptoms worsen or fail to improve with continued use.

Do not use Fast Balance-G.I. in animals with a known allergy to it or to similar products.

Warranty and Manufacturer Information:

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