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Exam Gloves

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Exam Gloves, Large, 100
Availability: In Stock
Save: $3.56
Price: $8.43
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Exam Gloves, Medium, 100
Availability: In Stock
Save: $3.56
Price: $8.43
Item #: 1011952 -
Exam Gloves, Small, 100
Availability: In Stock
Save: $3.56
Price: $8.43
Item #: 1011951 -
Exam Gloves, XLarge, 100
Availability: In Stock
Save: $5.06
Price: $12.93
Item #: 1011954 -
Products 1-4 of 4

Boxes of Non-Sterile Medical Exam Gloves

VetDepot carries boxes of non-sterile, synthetic medical and veterinary exam gloves at discount prices. Exam gloves are lightly powdered and made of latex for comfort, fit, and tactile sensitivity.

Exam Gloves are synthetic, non-sterile gloves designed for office use. The gloves are lightly powdered and available in multiple sizes.

Benefits of Exam Gloves:

  • Disposable and convenient
  • Lightly powdered for easy on and off
  • Highly durable to protect skin
  • Non-restrictive, will not constrict
  • Protects against fluids and other contaminants

Exam Gloves Uses:

For use during routine examinations, office procedures, and other situations where bodily fluids or other contaminants are a threat to safety.

Exam Gloves Availability:

Gloves come packaged 100 gloves to a box, non-sterile.

Exam Gloves Warnings:

Exam Gloves contain latex and may trigger an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals. Sensitivity to the powder is also possible. Choose the correct size glove to minimize damage and prevent sliding.

Exam Gloves are available OTC.

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