Flea Control Products by the Ecology Works

DustMite and Flea Control by The Ecology Works is a flea control product for carpets and homes that is made with a specially formulated borate compound. DustMite and Flea Control provides safe, long-lasting control over dust mites and fleas.

DustMite & Flea Control is a borate compound that provides long-lasting control of dust mites, fleas, ants, termites, and roaches. The compound mixes easily with water and is a safe alternative to other insecticides. Borates are naturally occurring minerals that contain boron and exist in trace amounts in soil, water, and rock.

Benefits of DustMite & Flea Control:

  • Low toxicity; safe for use in areas frequented by animals and humans
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Clear and odorless with a neutral pH
  • Will not stain light fabrics
  • Effective control of dust mites, fleas, and other insects
  • Works inside and outside the home

Can be used anywhere insects are a concern, including on wood and when shampooing carpets. Not for use on animals or humans.

Ingredients: Contains a borate compound.


This product may rarely cause mild irritation of the skin or mucous membranes.


Store indoors, in a dry and cool location, out of reach of children and animals.

DustMite & Flea Control is an OTC product.

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