Dog Flea & Tick Buyer's Guide - Topical & Oral

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Being informed and taking proper preventative measures is the best way to keep your dog and your family safe from fleas and ticks. Not only can they make your pet itchy and miserable, they are also responsible for illnesses like flea allergy dermatitis, Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Protecting your pet from parasites is part of being a responsible pet owner, and luckily, there are many flea and tick control products available that are safe and effective. the table below will give you an overview of some of the best oral and topical flea control products and help you determine which one is right for your dog. Remember to not use dog products on cats. It might cause fatal side-effects!

Spot On Flea Control

Spot On products are the most common flea control products available. They contain a small amount of liquid parasiticide that you apply to your dog's skin. One application usually repels and kills fleas, ticks, and other parasites for up to 4 weeks. Some major brands include Frontline Plus, K9 Advantix II, and Bio Spot.

Oral Flea Control

If your pet is sensitive to the topical products, then maybe an oral flea control medication is the way to go. Products like Comfortis and Sentinel come as flavored, chewable tablets so it's easy to give them to your dog. These products protect your pet from the inside out from pests like fleas, ticks, and certain intestinal worms.

Spot On & Oral Flea Control

  Advantage II Advantage Multi Bio Spot Comfortis Frontline Plus Frontline Top Spot K9 Advantix II Sentinel
  Advantage II Advantage Multi Bio Spot Comfortis Frontline Plus Frontline Top Spot K9 Advantix II Sentinel
Adult Fleas Check Check Check Check Check Check Check
Flea Eggs/Larvae Check   Check   Check   Check Check

Check Check Check  
Heartworms   Check  


Roundworms   Check  


Lice Check  

Check Check Check  

Check Check
Biting Flies    

Mosquitos     Check

Topical Check Check Check
Check Check Check  
Oral       Check       Check
RX Requirement
Requires Prescription   Check   Check       Check
Imidacloprid Check Check

Moxidectin   Check            
Fipronil         Check Check    
S-methoprene     Check   Check      
Permethrin             Check  
Pyriproxyfen Check           Check  
Etofenprox     Check          
Spinosad       Check        
Lufenuron               Check
Milbemycin Oxime               Check
Piperonyl Butoxide     Check          
Elanco       Check        
Bayer Check Check         Check
Merial         Check Check    
Novartis               Check
Farnam     Check          
Waterproof Check       Check Check Check  

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