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VetDepot's new comic strip, Bax and Cleo, chronicles the everyday lives of silly canine Bax and his clever feline companion Cleo. With Bax being blissfully unaware of Cleo's mischievous ways, this adorable duo will find themselves in plenty of situations that are sure to make any pet owner giggle. Keep laughing along with this unlikely pair by checking back at the beginning of every month for a new edition of Bax and Cleo and be sure to share the fun with your friends!

bax & cleo valentines day gift

Bax & Cleo Valentine's Day Gift! Cleo is shocked that Bax got her a Valentine’s Day gift. Poor Cleo is so untrusting that she can’t even enjoy her present because she’s afraid that Bax has tampered with it.

bax & cleo new years resolutions

Bax & Cleo New Year's Resolutions! Cleo attempts to call a truce with Bax as one of her New Year's resolutions. However, Bax isn't ready to make peace just yet.

bax & cleo winter fun

Bax & Cleo Winter fun! Bax is having a blast digging, burying his toys and playing in the snow. Cleo, on the other hand, is not amused by the freshly fallen powder or her cold weather outfit.

bax & cleo trouble

Bax gets into trouble when he can’t resist the appeal of the trashcan, his owner’s shoes and a fun roll of toilet paper. Cleo makes matters worse when she makes a mess of her own and blames it on the canine “troublemaker” of the house.

bax & cleo halloween fun

Bax & Cleo Halloween Fun! - Bax and Cleo are not exactly thrilled about their new Halloween Costumes. Bax is especially bummed that he can’t be the character of his choice.

bax & cleo comic strip laser fun

Bax & Cleo laser pointer - At first it’s all fun and games, but Cleo quickly gets frustrated when she can’t seem to catch the laser pointer. Bax, however, remains entertained.

bax & cleo comic strip sneaky trick

Bax & Cleo sneaky trick - Cleo thinks she’s gotten away with playing a sneaky trick on unsuspecting Bax. Little does she know, Bax is capable of revenge.

bax & cleo comic strip sneaky treat

Bax & Cleo sneaky treat - Bax works on his self-control. Unfortunately for gullible Bax, his hard work is put to waste when sneaky Cleo steals his treat.

bax & cleo comic strip vet trip

Bax & Cleo go to the vet - the dynamic duo faces a scary scenario- getting shots at the veterinarian’s office! While Bax happily accepts a treat to mask the pain, Cleo thinks she can tough it out.

bax & cleo comic strip car ride

Bax & Cleo car ride - Seemingly innocent Bax shows he’s not always Mr. Nice Guy in this month’s installment of Bax and Cleo. Cleo isn’t too fond of Bax’s new attitude.

bax & cleo comic strip

Bax & Cleo flea dip - In this month’s edition of Bax & Cleo, Bax thinks he’s been infested with itchy fleas. Little does he know, conniving Cleo has a few tricks up her sleeve.

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