Cat Dental Treats Buyer's Guide

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Dental care is an important part of cat ownership. Dental disease can lead to oral pain, infections and tooth loss as well as problems throughout a pet’s body. Routine dental cleanings with your veterinarian along with daily tooth brushing are the best ways to keep your pet’s mouth healthy. But sometimes brushing a cat’s teeth is impractical. When this is the case, dental treats can play a role. These products have been formulated in such a way as to help keep plaque and tartar from building up on a cat’s teeth.

The table below shows some of the dental chews available for cats. Many of them use abrasive textures to scrape food, plaque, and tartar from your cat's teeth, while others use enzymes to create an anti-bacterial environment in your pet's mouth. If you try a product and aren't satisfied with the results, feel free to try another.

Cat Dental Treats

  CET Chews Enzadent Greenies Petrodex
  CET Chews Enzadent Greenies Petrodex
Methods of Action
Abrasive Texture Check Check Check Check
Enzymes Check Check
Natural Antiseptic Check      
Chicken Check   Check  
Beef     Check  
Fish Check Check Check Check
Salmon     Check  
Clinical Trials
Proven Effective Check   Check  
S&M NuTec LLC     Check  
Virbac Animal Health Check      
VET Solutions   Check    
Sergeants Pet Care Products, Inc.       Check
Butler Schein Animal Health        

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