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Sterile Bulb Syringes from Vet Depot have catheter tips and are non-autoclavable for irrigating wounds and aspirating fluids in dogs, cats, and other pets.

The Irrigation Bulb Syringe is a non-autoclavable, sterile, catheter tip syringe for aspirating fluids and irrigating wounds on animals.

Benefits of Irrigation Bulb Syringe:

  • Bulb portion can be separated from barrel
  • Can be used with one hand
  • Easy-to-read graduations
  • Syringes are individually wrapped
  • Convenient 60 cc size

For use with bladder or wound irrigation and for aspirating fluids. Sterile, affordable, and individually wrapped for single or multiple uses.


This product is non-autoclavable.


Store in the original packaging, unopened, and away from heat and flame.

Irrigation Syringe With Protector Cap, Bulb Type is an OTC product.

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