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Becton Dickinson

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Syringe 3 cc, 22 gauge x 3/4 in, LL, BD, 100
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Pet Needles and Syringes

Becton Dickinson is a medical technology company that specializes in medical supplies, devices, lab equipment, and syringes and needles. Their hypodermic needles and syringes are among the best in the industry and are ideal for delivering pet meds. BD syringes are made of the highest quality materials and have advanced features.

BD Veterinary Syringes are made to the most exacting standards. They feature extra sharp needles for increased patient comfort during injections and less wasted space than other brands.

Benefits of Becton Dickinson

  • Safe-Clip Device stores thousands of clipped needles
  • Advanced syringes and needles
  • Perfect for giving your pets injectable pet medications
  • Made by one of the world's leading manufacturers