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Syringes and Needles for Pets

The various single-use Terumo products are high-quality veterinary syringes, packaged with and without needles. Additional needles are also available for individual purchase. Luer Lock and Luer Slip Tip attachments are available, as are regular, thin, and ultra-thin walled needles.

Benefits of Terumo Syringes and Needles:

  • Clear syringe barrels for easy checks for turbidity and air bubbles
  • Bold scale markings on the barrel for accurate dosing
  • Translucent needle hub to see flashback
  • Sharp, double-bevel, silicone-coated needles for easy penetration and minimal discomfort
  • Regular wall, thin wall, and ultra-thin wall needles available
  • Positive-stop plunger will not come out accidentally, preventing costly spills
  • Tamper-evident, moisture-repellant, puncture-resistant packaging for ensured sterility
  • Available in a variety of sizes for differing uses and species
  • Latex-free products

For fluid and medication injections in animals. Specific syringes are available for allergy medications, U-100 insulin, and tuberculin tests.


Syringes and needles are available individually or in bulk packages of 100.


Keep syringes and needles out of reach of children and animals. Do not open until ready to use. Do not resterilize or reuse; discard according to proper disposal procedures for sharp biohazardous medical waste.

Terumo Allergy Syringes require a veterinary prescription. Other Terumo products are available OTC.

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Insulin Syringe U-100 3/10 cc, 29 gauge x 1/2 in, Terumo, 100
Availability: In Stock
Retail: $36.99
Price: $25.77
Item #: 1010358 -
Needles 20 gauge x 1 in
Availability: In Stock
Retail: $10.99
Price: $7.27
Item #: 1012872 -
Syringe 60 cc, LL, Terumo, 25 | VetDepot.com
Availability: In Stock
Retail: $34.99
Price: $24.37
Item #: 1016638 -
Terumo Needles 20 gauge x 1" (Regular Wall) - 1 Needle
Availability: In Stock
Retail: $0.99
Price: $0.27
Item #: 1010633 -
Terumo Needles 22 gauge x 1-1/2" (Ultra-Thin Wall) - 100 Pack
Availability: Rx Required
Retail: $12.99
Price: $9.37
Item #: 1017711 -
Terumo Sur-Vet Syringe 3 cc, 25 gauge x 5/8" w/Luer Lock, Thin Wall - 100 Pack
Availability: In Stock
Retail: $25.99
Price: $18.47
Item #: 1017372 -
Products 1-6 of 6