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Reviews for Comfortis for Dogs 20-40 lbs, 6 Pack (Green) (1016578)

Author: Sandra
Location: murrieta, california
I love this product. VetDepot has the best price and the quality of this product

is great, my dogs have never had a flea since they were born.

Comfortis Comfort
Author: Mrs. B Evans
Our Little Dog appreciates how this product, it makes her life easier & more comfortable. When ordered I was pleased with how quickley the product arrived. The price was so much cheaper than buying it at the Vet. Thank you for making the ordering and arrival time so efficient.I will continue to order and use Comfortis

Comfortis for Dogs
Author: Tana's Mom
Location: Home
I've use this product for my Cavalier to keep the fleas off her. My main purpose for buying from Vetdepot was that the price at my vet was just too expensive. Comfortis works like "magic." Within 30 minutes of my dog's taking it, the fleas practically jump off her!

Comfortis For Dogs
Author: A pet lover
I've been using this product for the past 4 months now and

found it to work very well so far. My dog has not a flea

so far.It easy as 1,2,3 us just open the little packet, feed

it to your pet and watch the pleasures of your pet to be flea

free.Try it,your pet will like it.

Author: Thewizardman
Location: Fallbrook, Ca
This product is great. It's beef flavored so my dog eats it right up. One tablet a month and thats it. No messy drops or flea collars. It couldn't get any easier.

Great Stuff!!!!
Author: Petra J
Location: Orlando, Florida
I had used Frontline Plus for years, and all of a sudden it stopped working, so I tried comfortis....... and what a difference!!! At first I was afraid that he will have some of the side effects, but he didn't. I made sure he had a full meal...... and no side effects. Great Stuff! Everyone should put their animal on this....then we could maybe get rid off all the fleas. :D

So far so good!
Author: Mary
Location: Columbia, SC
I was a little dismayed at the size of the pill when I opened it, but my Shih-Tzu/Bichon Frise dog took it right away. He then proceeded to chew it a little, then he dropped it and rolled on top of it several times before finally eating it! I guess he liked the smell so much he wanted to smell like it!!!

This is a great product at a great price!
Author: Linda
Location: San Diego
My older mini-schnauzer has been kept flea free with this product for over a year now. And Vet Depot has the best on-line price as well!

this product works!
Author: Kate
Location: miami florida
I am very happy with this product since my dog was having really bad allergic reactions to the other products in the market. We tried advantix and frontlne, and none of them work without causing a bad reaction. Comfortis is working well in protecting her from fleas without any apparent side effects. I highly recommend it!

Author: Michael
This is the Holy Grail of flea/tick/mosquito protection!! I live in Florida and we typically have VERY bad flea and tick seasons and the mosquitoes... well you get the hint. We've used the oily yuck on our dogs and cats for years and then tried Comfortis for our dogs. We've been using it for about 1 1/2 years now and haven't seen a flea since!!! It's like Magic!! Coat it with Peanut Butter and the dogs take it with no fuss!!

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