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Reviews for Cosequin DS (Double Strength) for Dogs, 650 Chewable Tablets (1013994)

Miraculous Product
Author: Kristi
Location: Galveston County, Texas
My dachshund could barely walk before I started her on Cosequin DS. After a week she was walking again without yelping out in pain. After two weeks she was running and playing. I kept her on a maintenance dose for the remainder of her 18 year life. For the rest of her life, she never had back pain again and was a very active little pup!

I love this product so much I now buy Cosemin DS (for people) for myself to alleviate achy, sore joints!

Really great product
Author: Alfred L
Location: Laguna Beach Cali
I've been using Cosequin for a while but was getting it from my veterinarian. It is much simpler to order it online and it works really well.

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