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Reviews for Clomicalm 20 mg, Blue, 30 Tablets (1010425)

Author: Aubree Patterson
Location: Miles City, MT
My dog barks for an hour or more every time I leave the house. My neighbors started complaining and someone (I'm guessing someone two houses down) called the cops on me a few months ago. I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with separation anxiety. My vet prescribed this and weekly behavior modification classes. While the classes have helped so much with other issues she and I were having, they've done little to stop the barking and whining when I leave. Clomicalm helps a lot. Only a couple of times has she even been a pain since she started it.

Clomicalm for Puppy Mill Momma
Author: Angie Jones
Location: Lincoln, NE
We'd rescued a puppy mill momma who had spent her 3 1/2 years living in a crate. After rescue, Denae had a difficult time adjusting to the great big world and spent her time hiding under furniture.

Chlomicalm has done a great job supporting her during this period of adjustment. She is making tremendous progress and has adjusted to everything from her fear of large rooms, the outdoors, the dark, and even people.

Six months later you can barely tell that she had been so traumatized by her past. We expect to begin weaning her off in the next couple of months.

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