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Reviews for Cholodin Canine, 180 Chewable Tabs (1010710)

Good for older dogs.
Author: Eve Sanders
Location: Orlando
Helps if your dog does not eat very well anymore or if you just want to be sure he is getting all his vitamins and minerals.

Great product at great price!
Author: Dll
Location: Michigan
Fast shipping, product is as stated. Would order again!

Has already helped my 13 year old dog
Author: Karen
Location: Brentwood, TN
I have a very sweet 13 year old dog named Seth. He has been having more and more trouble getting around the last 2 years although he is on Rimadyl, Tramadol, and Glucosamine. I was discussing Seth's aches and pains with a friend of mine who also has a 13 year old dog and she told me about Cholodin. I was willing to try anything to make Seth more comfortable, and give him more time with us. Just a week into using the Cholodin I started to see a difference in Seth. He could more easily get up and when I called him inside from his potty times, he was getting to the door much more quickly. I think this has definitely given Seth a new lease on life and hopefully will continue to make him feel better for the rest of his time with us!

Helps with my dog's seizure
Author: Chad
I have a 16 month Rhodesian Ridgeback who has idiopathic epilepsy. I have been using this product for a couple of months and it has seemed to help the frequency of his seizures. It also seems to help him recuperate quicker after a seizure. There is no difficulty giving him the tablets. He eats them without a problem. I would definitely recommend Cholodine. It works well with Neuroplex by standard process and calm wind herbal supplement.

Selected for price, and service was excellent!
Author: Jean
Location: United States
Vet Depot has never disappointed - good prices, fast delivery. And cholodin seems to be helping my aging doxie ... still old, but now moves with a purpose instead of just random pacing.

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