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Reviews for Arthogen for Cats, 90 Sprinkle Capsules (1010848)

Arthogen for cats 90 sprinkle capsules
Author: Tony
Location: Tulsa, OK
This is a GREAT product. Out of the blue a year and a half ago my dear 15 year-old cat was hit full force with arthritis and went from the most laid back of the feline population to screaming with pain. I figured it was the end of him but started quickly searching nearby stores and the net for anything that could help him. After much quick research I got this product for long term care, took him off dry food so I could infuse his food with his "medicines", isolated him from the other cat when feeding, and increased vitamin and mineral supplements containing taurine. I stir this into the food so he can't see it. He was overweight, and dropped too much weight so I had to feed him extra meals to catch up. I have to feed him smaller meals and chop the bigger pieces since he is older, but he's worth it. I'm happy to say now he's back now, still top cat around the house, has NO pain or limp anymore, can jump to his favorite perches again without "asking" to be helped up, and his coat looks full again. He's a much lighter, healthier version of his old self now. I was so sure he was a "goner" that I adopted another cat to replace him, so now I have three, with no regrets. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who would like to avoid having this happen to your favorite cats as well as those who are seeking long term solutions for already existing problems. It is also helpful to fix it where your cats can climb up to their favorite places rather than jumping down to help to minimize joint deterioration. I leave a chair where he can get up to his favorite window, when I'm not using the chair, and it works for both of us. I have bought this product from several different online stores because it is not available at all in my city. This store has offered the best price and fastest shipping of any I have found. I'm SOLD!!!

Arthogen for cats- it works!
Author: katwoman
Location: California
The only con would be that it takes a few weeks to see the full effect, but once you do, you will be amazed! My heavy cat is arthritic, and after a few weeks of using the sprinkle caps (flavor which she loves, by the way) she is running and playing! Overall she is much happier because of this. She was my cranky one, now she is more tolerent of the younger one, and even more loving towards me. I think she is grateful! As suggested, 2 capsules a day for a few weeks, then one a day. I don't even have to mix it in the food! I recently ordered 6 more bottles!

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