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Reviews for Midwest Cat Playpen, 35.75" x 23.5" x 51" (1071143)

Cat playpen
Author: Rob Monroe
Location: Centennial, CO
I'd never considered putting any of my cats in cages of any type. Then I rescued a kitten who is very destructive when left alone. A coworker told me about this cage which is pretty large. It is about 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall I'd guess and my cat loves it. I bought with the intent of putting my kitty in it when I went grocery shopping, but she did not like the door closed and honestly it make me uncomfortable too. But now I leave the door open and she spends most of her time inside anyway. I've added toys and a bed and she absolutely love it. It makes her feel safe and secure and it keeps her out of trouble.

Saved my cat
Author: Gary
Location: Texas
I have a rescue that is the sweetest, most lovable cat ever. But, he attacks my other cats and pisses on things if he isn't being watched. My options were to find him a new owner (good luck with that), cage him, or put him down. This pen was the answer to my problem. It's large enough that I don't feel guilty about him being locked up when I'm at work or busy around the house. He seems quite content being in there and spends time in there even when the door is open. His covered litter box fits on the bottom shelf and the litter stays in the pen. He likes to move from shelf to shelf, so he gets exercise. I shopped around and the price that Vet Depot has this listed at was way lower than any other site that I found. Highly recommend this pen. The product arrived even sooner than they said it would. AWESOME!

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