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Reviews for Synacore Digestive Support for Cats, 30 Packets (1018035)

Good for digestion
Author: Lucas Graham
Location: Round Rock, Texas
I've used this for my cat with IBS and my sister uses it for her cat who gets diarrhea whenever they travel to our mother's home in NC. In both cases, it works really well to control stomach symptoms and diarrhea. My kitty rarely has any diarrhea since starting this supplement.

Synacore Digestive Support for Cats, 30 Packets
Author: Lauren B.
Location: NY State
This really helps my 15 y.o. Cat with IBS. Since starting this regime he has gained about a pound and a half and has regained a lot of swagger that we thought was done. His fur is thicker and more shiny and the IBS attacks are less frequent and less severe. Vet Depot is less expensive than other places plus it arrives here really fast.

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