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Reviews for Tandem Oral Nutritional Supplement for Horses, 5.2 lbs (1016386)

Great product!
Author: Frederico
Location: Seattle
I have been using this with my horses for some time now. It was recommended by my veterinarian. I have no complaints!

Tandem Oral-love it!
Author: Ollie's Mom
Location: United States
I was recommended to use this by my horses chiropractor. I have been trying to find a supplement that doesn't break the bank but is also effective. She recommends all her clients use Tandem and I tried it. I couldn't have been more pleased. My Ollie loves it and has moved much better since we have been on it (about 5 months now). He has hock issues and had stopped his jumping career a year or so ago. I got him and he moved stiffly in his left hock but regular exercise seemed to help. Then we made a move to another barn and he got super frisky one day and wasn't the same since. The stiffness was more pronounced but the vet gave him the all clear. We do simple trails and rides around the barn. But our chiro said that she has some of her jumpers on it and they have done well. Worth a try if you are trying to locate the right joint supplement. I have tried a few!

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