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Reviews for Vista Mini Dematting Rake (1016883)

Finally, Something That Works.
Author: Joan Jones
Location: United States
<p>My two white cats have "double coats". My vet mentioned that there was a product to help with their really badly matted fur. I had to sometimes cut some mats out, but I found and ordered this dematting rake and though I have to take quite some time now, a little at a time, to get all the mats out of the cat whose fur is the worst, it works. Then I will try maintenance so it won't get so bad next time.</p>

Hair Saver
Author: Kimberly
Our dog has hair, not fur, and is subject to constant matting, especially around the armpits and legs. She can't stand to be combed out and we eventually yield to cutting out the mats, which can cause bald spots. The Vista Dematting Rake has proven to be remarkable in getting out the mats and tangles. It does take a bit of getting used to as the teeth need to "work through" the mat, which is all about grip and gentle movement. Our dog is still not crazy about being combed, but we can control the matting with regular use of the rake. Highly recommend it!

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