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Reviews for FortiFlora Feline Nutritional Supplement, 30 Sachets (1016776)

Eliminates diarrhea from antibiotics!
Author: Kit Crowley
Location: Orlando
My cat was getting loose stools every time she took antibiotics and every time we went on a car ride, even if it was only 20 minutes. A friend told me about FortiFlora Feline and it is the best thing I've ever purchase. I give it to her every day and then twice a day when she takes medication and we have no more problems. Vet Depot always has it in stock so I never worry about running out.

My "picky" eater loves the taste
Author: Cher
Location: Mobile, Alabama
I've used FortiFlora for three years. It's a very good product to control diarrhea. It has the bonus effect that my picky eaters are attracted to the taste. VetDepot had the best price on the FortiFlora. I searched a lot of sites, including Amazon and e-bay. I ordered four boxes so my order qualified for free shipping - great deal.

Ok for most cats
Author: Cat Lady
Location: Missouri
I have 6 cats and most of them will eat Fortiflora mixed into their food, but one of them won't touch her canned food if I put the smallest amount of powder into it. Fortiflora only contains 1 microorganism and is a relatively large amount of powder for cats who may be picky about things added to their food.

Works great and cats like it!
Author: 99 Cats
Location: California
The product works. My cats developed loose stools because I changed foods. After two days of using this product, everything is back to normal!

I sprinkled on top of the food and all the cats loved it. I highly recommend it and I have alot of cats.

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