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Reviews for Dermoscent Essential 6 Spot-On for Large Dogs 44-88 lbs, 4 Tubes (1016978)

Dermoscent Essential 6 Spot-On for Large Dogs
Author: Unknown
Location: ElCajon, CA
Our dog has had both rear ACL's replaced over the past 2 years, which required the shaving of all hair on his rear end. He's been hairless (on his rear) for over 2 years! He's had problems with eczema, licking, chewing, and has been treated by a dermatologist with antibiotics, anti-fungals, medicated shampoos & conditioners, special hypoallergenic food to deal with possible allergies...still, no hair! Our Vet suggested trying Dermoscent Essential....out of desperation, we tried it. After a month of use he's growing new hair! Great product, and easy to use...Thanks

Dermoscent Essential 6 Spot-On for Large Dogs
Author: Shelia
Location: Thomasville, NC
Our dog has lots of skin allergies & has always had greasy, dull fur with a bad odor, that is characteristic of this condition, but with 2 uses of Dermoscent, his hair has gotten silkier & a lot of his odor is gone. It was definitely worth the money!

Excellent product
Author: Julie
Location: Chelsea, Québec, Canada
I've been using this product for 4 months now on my dog. She was shedding like crazy. The first 8 weeks, I did it weekly and since then every 2 weeks and the shedding has improved by 90% and her fur is spectacular.

I'm extremely satisfied with this product.

Great for Skin Issues
Author: JLP
Location: Dallas Texas
My Doberman has severe skin allergies. She gets super dry and flakey. I started using this weekly after her medicated baths. I use it behind her neck and rub it down her back with my hands. It seems to help a lot. It doesn't seem to last the entire week but does give 4 - 5 days of relief.

Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly!
Author: Noah Parker
Location: Cameron Park TX
The ingredients in Dermoscent are all-natural and vegetarian. And it works! I have recommended this to all my vegan and vegetarian friends and will continue to use it. My opinion of vetdepot is so much higher now that I've learned they support products like Dermoscent Essential.

Very Happy We Tried This
Author: ms. scissors
Location: new york
<p>My dog is a shar pei mix and as such suffers from pretty severe skin allergies during the summer months. We have tried many shampoos, medications (including prednisone, which we try to keep his skin under control so we don't have to go this route). I stumbled upon this product while ordering his medicated shampoo that also supports the skins natural barrier and removes allergens. After reading reviews and seeing that previous dog owners had success with this product on their pets with similar skin and allergy problems we decided to give it a try. This product had a pleasant odor which also seemed to keep my dog from licking or activating the spots where I applied it. We have tried this product as an all over treatment after his medicated baths and also as a spot treatment after his baths. When applied to the irritated patches of skin it does seem to soothe the area and promote faster healing of the skin. We are now adding this product to his weekly and monthly skin/allergy treatment regime. We are VERY happy with the results - my only complaint is that I wish it came in a resealable bottle or much smaller applications as I use it for spot treatment predominately and I don't like wasting the remainder.</p>

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