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Reviews for Dermachlor 2% Shampoo, Gallon (1017021)

Dermachlor 2% Shampoo, Gallon
Author: Jacolyn D
Location: Texas
I have been bathing my Dandie 2 x weekly with Hexadyne shampoo. A vet tech friend gave me a small bottle of Dermachlor to try. It leaves her coat in better shape as it is NOT so drying as the Hexadyne. This is important as she has a soft coat and matts easily.

Excellent For Outside Pets
Author: Rick Bartholemew
Location: Kansas City
My dog Bo seems to get into some filthy stuff and I started using Dermachlor 2% shampoo before we went on trips with him or he spent time inside. It's a large jug that lasts for quite some time depending on animal size. I really like the smell of it too :)

Recommended by my dogs dermatologist
Author: B. Payne
Location: PA
I need to bath my large German Shepherd once a week with Dermachlor shampoo. Her fur is thick and requires a double shampoo, I was really pleased to be able to purchase a gallon jug, if only it came with a pump! Dermachlor leaves her smelling fresh and is great for her skin condition, due to allergies.

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