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Reviews for Anxitane M & L (L-Theanine), 30 Chewable Tablets (1016944)

Easy to split and cost effective
Author: Jill
First of all, VetDepot offers the pill at a much lower price. Kudos to all you smart shoppers who have found their website too!

Secondly, the easy split pill is a relief when you have to give your pet pills.

Finally, my cat (who can be picky) loves the chicken flavor and I don't have to fight him to take this supplement at all! Such a relief--and they really help him too.

Great choice
Author: Meg
Location: Long Island, NY
Easily split (my dog gets 1/2 tablet morning & night) blister packaging keeps tablets separated but it is also easy to pop them out.

Our vet prescribed this brand medication and we've seen a great response in our large dog with major separation anxiety. We find it so convenient to order from VetDepot, and it's less expensive than getting it from our vet!

Great for trips to the Vet
Author: Tricia
Location: San Antonio, TX
This pill is a lifesaver in terms of getting our two elderly, blind dogs to the vet. Also, use it during Fourth of July fireworks and occasional thunderstorms. Great product.

Great product--has done wonders for my pet
Author: JD
My cat was spraying our entire house and we were at our wits end. What a savior this product has been for our home! My cat is happier, more relaxed, and most importantly, no longer spraying outside of his litter box. The price on vetdepot.com is also considerably lower than that of our cat's specialist.

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