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Reviews for Zymox Otic With Hydrocortisone 1%, 4 oz (1016529)

Effective and inexpensive ear treatment
Author: Laurie
A friend who is a vet recommended this for our Bassett Hound with recurring ear issues. She told us to use it in both ears for 10 days to treat a problem and then once every 2 weeks when the ears are clean to prevent new issues. It' works really well, saves a trip to the vet and is very cost effective.

Great product
Author: cavimom
Location: Florida
This product was recommened by my vet for my spaniels. We use it just once a week, and have no more problems with red itchy ears. Great stuff!

Author: vin
Location: NEW JERSEY
I have two dogs and both had ear problems and it went away after applying Zymox a few times. The itching and redness left.

Works Beautifully
Author: Mars
the vet recommanded this product for my yellow lab who loves the water...and always gets an ear infection after she goes swimming. I apply this after swimming and my dog never gets an ear infection anymore. Love it!!!

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