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Reviews for Sentinel for Dogs 51-100 lbs, Flavor Tabs, White, 6 Pack (1010003)

Much cheaper than the Vet sells
Author: Angela
Location: New Jersey
This product is much cheaper than the vet has it, even with shipping added.

Nice All-in-One
Author: Angela
I like having just one pill to take care of everything. My dogs seem to like the chewable tablet as well!

Author: Emmitt
Location: Dallas, TX
Before Sentinel, I gave my English Bulldog one pill for heartworm prevention and another for fleas. With Sentinel, I have the convenience of just one pill for both and it costs less than purchasing two medicines. I haven't noticed any side effects and my dog enjoys the taste of it.

Sentinel for Dogs 51-100 lbs, Flavor Tabs, White, 6 Pack
Author: ebg
When I ordered this I was worried it was going to be out of date or something because it was so much cheaper than other websites, but it was in date and worked just as well as if I had gotten it from the vet. Good product.

So glad to find Sentinel for large dogs!
Author: Sarah
Location: Washington
This has been working well for our German Shepherd but it has been increasingly difficult to find so I was very relieved to find it at Vet Depot at a good price! I am grateful for the ease of ordering and timely delivery! Thank you!

Took care of my dog's ticks.
Author: Amber Bradley
Location: Charlotte NC
Since i started using sentinel on my dogs i've stopped seeing any ticks at all. The product seems to work great and i can order it online whenever i need it.

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