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Reviews for Prozyme Powder, Original Formula, 200 gm (1011371)

Prozyme Powder
Author: Carol
Product is quite condensed and you use very little for a great outcome. We use it specifically for an aging Shepherd mix that has severe diabetes and suffers from weight loss. He has done extremely well since adding the Prozyme to his diet. Product has no taste and mixes easily into dry or wet food.

Prozyme Powder, Original Formula, 200 gm
Author: Sheila
Location: Seminole, FL
My 18-year old cat needs it because she does not produce enough of this enzyme. It helps her maintain her weight. I love the fact that this is sent to me and I don't have to "pre-order" from my vet. My vet was only giving me small bottles. This is a large size so it lasts quite a while. It's cheaper than the vet.

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