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Reviews for Proviable-KP for Dogs and Cats, 15 mL Paste (1016490)

Proviable-KP for Dogs and Cats, 15 mL Paste
Author: Neta
Location: California
I have a male cat that came from a rescue situation, so I had no way of knowing about any previous problems or treatments, or even how he was fed. This boy had runny diarrhea for many months. He was tested for, and treat for (just in case) everything the vet and I could think of - all negative. I found that feeding him hairball-type dry food helped, but only a little. Then I tried the Proviable-KP, both capsules and paste. I saw positive results in the first round, but still soft stools, so I decided to see if another round would clear him up. For the most part it has.

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