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Reviews for Pet Piller (1010681)

Highly recommend!
Author: Susan
Location: St. Louis, MO
This is a must-have product for giving pills to cats. It's must easier on the cat and the owner than just using your fingers. I have a cat that needs two pills a day. With the pet piller, I can put the pill right at the back of her throat, and gently eject it. She swallows it, and I don't get bitten or scratched. The piller adjusts to hold both quite small and larger pills.

These are really helpful
Author: Debbie
Location: Texas
I have 5 dogs and a couple of them are a nightmare trying to give meds.. they are too smart for a pill in a treat so I just have to go for it with one of these. Makes things a lot easier even though sometimes i don't make it to the right spot in the back of the throat, so i have to try again. Keeps you from getting your fingers bit off though. This one is much better than a previous one i had. bought several of these.

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