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Reviews for PancreaTabs Plus 425 mg, 500 Tablets (1010313)

Author: Jill
Location: Durham, NC
Excellent ease of use! Vetdepot contacted my DVM within 1 hour of my purchase to request RX and my items were on their way the next day!! As this is a lifetime prescription for my Mastiff (due to complications from Addison's Disease), the ease of ordering and quick shipping are invaluable!!

Keeping our boys alive
Author: 4pupsmom
Location: CT
Two of our Greyhounds, brothers, have pancreatic issues. PancreaTabs Plus has helped them reach their ninth birthday in good health. VETdepot's pricing has helped us make this medication affordable. We appreciate the speedy service as well.

Author: Monique
Location: Georgetown, KY
This product is amazing. We almost lost our dog due to her pancreatic enzyme deficiency. This product saved her life. VetDepot makes it very easy to order and it takes no time to get the product here. This product is expensive. However, VetDepot has the best prices that we have found.

PancreaTabs Plus 425 mg, 500 Tablets
Author: Lanie
Location: Indiana
We rescued our Doberman when he was 2 1/2 and he was emaciated (lost 18 lbs in the 5 months before we got him), had horrific and constant diarrhea, could never get enough food and was unable to walk up and down stairs. Our vet recognized that he had a pancreatic enzyme deficiency and recommended this supplement. Within a couple weeks, our Dobie was able to walk up and down stairs easily and his stools were beginning to become more firm. After a few months, his diarrhea stopped completely, he looked healthy, put on weight and developed a shiny coat and has been able to walk 5 miles with ease and still wants to play.

PancreaTabs Plus 425 mg, 500 Tablets
Author: Floyd
Location: USA
My chow chow will be 3 years old on Christmas. She has been taking Pamcreatabs Plus 425 mg since she was diagnosed with pancreatitus when she was about 4 months old. She takes 16 tablets each day (out of my hand like treats) and has a well-performing digestive system. She is a lively, loving companion and a dedicated protector of me and our home.

PancreaTabs Plus 425 mg, 500 Tablets
Author: Gail
Great for my dog's digestive issues. I was using another product and recently switched to Pancrea Tabs.

PancreaTabs Plus 425 mg, 500 Tablets
Author: Erin
Location: Nebraska
Our Weimaraner was diagnosed with EPI when he was 2 months old. PancreaTabs saved his life! VetDepot sells them at the cheapest price and my husband & I are forever greatful. He will be on them for the rest of his life, so keeping the cost down helps every little bit. Thank You VetDepot :)

PancreaTabs Plus 425 mg, 500 Tablets
Author: michelle
Location: South Carolina
Product is awesome as well as prompt delivery from your company. The personal contact was polite and soooo helpful. Thank you so much. The price was less than half of what I had to pay previously before I found VetDepot. I will be using VetDepot for all my pet's needs in the future.

Author: David Hart
Location: Apollo Beach, FL
It has saved my dog's life. My vet had prescribed Pacreved powder, because she said the pills didn't work well, probably due to the pill coating. That would cost me $238 every 3 weeks. I couldn't afford that, so the options were to find something else that worked or put her down. I told my vet that I wanted to try the pills and she agreed. The information said to use no more than three pills per meal. Since my pet had not had success with the pills, I ground them up in put it in her dry food with a splash of water. It costs me about $20 a month. Danni's doing great and my wife and I are overjoyed. Please before you try this, talk it over with your vet. I am not sure if this will work for everyone.

Author: Jim Loucks
Location: Lakewood, Colorado
We had been using the PancreVed powder for quite a while because our pug has chronic pancreatitis. However, he wouldn't eat the food with powder on it anymore. The tablets work really well as a substitute. We disguise them in food and our pug eats them without complaint. This is the best price we have found for this product.

PancreVed 425 mg, 500 Tablets
Author: marine6870
These have worked great for 2 years for both of my dogs. Easy to give to them.

Works as advertised
Author: Marian
Location: Pittsburgh
My veterinarian discovered my "pound puppy" had a deficiency with a pancreatic enzyme. He's been on this product ever since I adopted him in 2009. He put on weight, his coat glows and he has energy to spare. The tabs should be crushed and allowed to absorb into the food for 30 minutes.

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