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Reviews for Joint MAX Triple Strength, 120 Soft Chews (1014074)

Author: Debbie
Location: United States
I Bought Joint MAX Triple Strength for my German Shepard whom is 10 years old. She use to go with us all the time on long trail rides with the horses. She loved following us for miles and miles through the creeks and long rugged trails. She began to develop hip problems and became very depressed because she could no longer make the trips. She lived for these trail rides. She began to lay around a lot and had a very hard time just getting up and down. After being on the Triple Max for about two months she was a different dog. She began following us on the trails again and I haven't seen her this happy in over a year. Followed us on a six mile ride last week-end and even went swimming in the creek. I would recommend this product to everyone whom has dogs with hip problems or joint problems from aging. Just wish they made something this good for people. :)

Excellent Product
Author: Gina
Location: Isle of Palms, SC
My female German Sheperd is 11. We have been using this product since we adopted her three years ago. She is a retired police dog and has arthritis in her front legs. This product has helped her.

Excellent product!
Author: Stephanie
Location: Bradenton, FL
Not only does my dog love eating these, I have noticed a difference in his mobility as well. I have an 8 year old Rottie who had "growing pains" in his left shoulder as a growing pup. As he has gotten older, his stiffness has returned. After about 3 weeks of eating these, he is doing really well! I am very pleased with the product, the price, and the shipping time.

Great Product
Author: Dorene S.
Location: Chino Valley, Arizona
I started my 8yr old AirDale Mix on these supplements when I noticed her slowing down a bit and getting stiff. Now she's like a new pup! I also have my 5yr old and 3yr old English Bulldogs are on these chews and they love them and not to mention they are less expensive then what our vet tried to sell us. I would recommend these supplements for any dogs that suffer from arthritis or just an extra treat for dogs who's genetics make them prone to joint issues.

Great product
Author: ScottieH
I was looking for a glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM product that my dog would eat and not break the bank. She is recovering from knee surgery, so she really needed the joint supplement.

Great Product
Author: Unknown
Location: San Jose
My dog really likes the product & we've been very pleased.

Great, Quality Product
Author: Joseph
Location: Jacksonville, FL
I have been using this product for almost two years. I rescued a husky from the pound and she has mild hip dysplasia. My vet advised I use Glucosamin/MSM and recommended Synovi chews. It was very expensive, so I started to use Triple Max. Rosa has since stopped kicking her legs out to free her seized hips and runs and plays like a puppy. It obviously works, and at less than half the price. I highly recommend this product.

It really works for us
Author: Roy
Location: Woodstock, Ga.
My 15 year mix weighs 50 pounds and had gotten so bad with arthritis and joint pain she could barley get on our back deck. Within about two weeks she handles the steps fine. I am so glad we found this product. It's a winner!!!

It really works!!! Joint MAX Triple -Chews
Author: Monica
Location: Chesapeake, Va
I have had my 13 year-old corgi on and off these chews for about 3 years when she started being a bit stiff when getting up. When the weather starts getting warmer I back off until about November. Well, this past year we rented a beach house with lots of stairs to get into the house and again into the living room. My poor corgi couldn't manage them. I ended up having to carry her up and down many times. So when we got back home I restarted her on the chews. Now she can go up and down our stairs without problems. I will never stop giving them to her, as they do work. Wished they made them for humans!

It works for us!
Author: Scottie
Location: Ontario, CA
We have a 90# Lab with bad knee problems and it was recommended to put her on a supplement like this. We tried various kinds, but had problems getting them down her. These are chewy and apparently taste great, because she chows them down. It also works as a pill-hider. They are soft and we can push the pills inside them. Our "baby" gobbles them down.

Joint Maintenance
Author: Elizabeth
Location: Ga
When our large breed Catahoula displayed cruciate ligament issues, we started him on Triple joint treats. It seems to have improved his limping, and overall joint mobility.

Joint MAX Triple Strength
Author: Monica
Location: Virginia
Have used it on my 13 year-old Corgi for a few years and it really helps her to get around and not be so stiff after sitting for a while.

Joint Max Triple Strength Chews
Author: bunjeebuddy
Location: Texas
I am so glad I discovered Joint Max chews! My greyhound is very fussy when it comes to taking medication. I would find any tablets I hid in peanut butter or his food on the ground or left in his bowl. He loves the chews and I began to see an improvement in the way he moved within two weeks. I highly recommend this product!

Joint MAX Triple Strength has really helped my 15 year old dog.
Author: Delaine
Location: Wilmington, NC
My dog is 15 years old; she could hardly get up the three steps to the porch when I'd let her out in the yard. I've been giving her Joint MAX for about six months and I have seen a remarkable improvement in her mobility. I'm so glad we started using Joint MAX. Also, it's so convenient to order and receive this through the mail and is reasonably priced, too. Thank you VetDepot.

Joint MAX Triple Strength, 120 Soft Chews
Author: Claudia
Improves agility & comfort!

Joint MAX Triple Strength, 120 Soft Chews
Author: Brian B
Location: Ephrata pa
My dogs love the product and it is helping them. When they get up from their knapp they tend to limp a little with these product we seen this reduced and they look forward to it every day

Joint Supplements
Author: Scott
Location: California
I needed an easy way to get joint supplements into my 90# Lab, who has severe arthritis and an implanted knee joint. She loves these chews and it's easy to use them to hide her arthritis medication in. They must taste good because she munches them right up!

My dog LOVES these chews!
Author: Dawn
Location: Chanhassen, MN
My dog is nearly 10 years old, about 60 pounds, and has typical older dog joint stiffness. She's feeling spunky and seems pain-free since I started giving her 2 chews a day - much better than she felt with the last joint supplement I was giving her. And she absolutely loves them, which is saying a lot because she is a picky eater.

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