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Reviews for Glyco-Flex II for Dogs, 120 Tablets (1011340)

Glyco-Flex II
Author: T
Location: Bucks County Pa
My 14 yr old lab has been taken this product since he was 4 yrs old and still runs every morning with his 1 yr old pup and 3 yr old mate-both of which are also on it.

Glyco-Flex II for Dogs
Author: Jengin
Location: tucson, az
This was recommended by my vet since my Lab was diagnosed with OCD in both hocks before he was 12 months old. Unfortunately, he could only operate on one side due to his age. My Lab is now 7 years old and will limp if he exercises too much. I'm not sure what his condition would be if he did not take these supplements. Since my vet recommended it, I will continue to give it to my dog.

Glyco-Flex II for Dogs
Author: Sandy
I have given my dog Glyco Flex in the past. I feel good that I can now give her Glyco-Flex II to support her joints now since she is a little older .

Glyco-Flex II for Dogs, 120 Tablets
Author: Pet Lover
Location: Southern CA.
I have been buying this specific product for years at my vet's office at a much higher price! I have had my German Shepherds on them daily for a long time. I hope that as they age this continues to help them stay more limber and comfortable. I drop them right in their food and they munch them down like treats.

Glyco-Flex II recommended
Author: Bithlo
Location: Medford OR
Works well for dogs with joint problems and active dogs that strain muscles and joints.

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