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Reviews for Glyco-Flex II Bite-Sized Chews, 120 Soft Chews (1016328)

Glyco-Flex II
Author: Jess
Location: Rochester, ny
My dog, Blue loves these chews and we can tell that they definitely help her move around a little better. On days that she didn't have them, I notice she is a lot short to move song and get up. Best product with glucosamine and chondrotin!

Eased my old dog's joints
Author: Vincent Walters
Location: NYC
This contains glucosamine chondroitin and works great for older family pets

Glyco Flex II
Author: Jo
Location: Virignia
I have been using this product for the past 3 years. I have 3 dogs- a 7 year old Whippet and 2 mini Doxies one 7 and one 8. They continue to act like young pups. They are all 3 very active and to date none of them have any signs of aging. I used the Glyco Flex II soft chew tabs with my 14 y/o whippet who just past away last year. I believe this product contributed greatly to the high quality of life he had as he grew older.

Great product!
Author: Ava's Mom
My 4 year old chocolate lab loves these chews. My lab plays hard and is often stiff after vigorous play. The vet recommended this product. Followed the instructions - I can tell when my lab misses a day or two.

VetDepot was fast shipping and less expensive than the vet. Try it, it works!

Great Product!
Author: Lori
I bought this product for my 11 year old pit Mojo. He's been getting up slower and I think he's just aging. I also give him a multi vitamin. He really loves them like treats. I'm not sure how well they work, at this point, because he hasn't finished the first bag yet. I am going to continue giving him 4/day, the suggested amount for his weight, for the 6 weeks them drop it down to the maintenance level.

Miracle Vitamin!
Author: Phil
My personal friend who is my vet and recommended this product some 6 years ago for Lilly my now 16 year old Kuvasz's arthritic hips which was discovered after an x-ray. Basically he said it was a miracle she could walk and recommended this product. Lilly now bounces around like a pup and will not eat dinner unless she gets this treats/vitamins.

Outstanding product
Author: GML
Location: California
My 3 older dogs are all benefactors of this product...I can see some definite improvement in their overall conditions.....This is a great product for dogs with some arthritis and moderate joint problems...This quality product has become a welcome addition to their daily mealtime routine...

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