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Reviews for First Aid Kit for Pets (1010995)

First Aid Kit
Author: Daniel Munoz
Location: Warren, Michigan
It is important to have one of these, especially if you live in a blizzard area or other place where you face evacuations or storms frequently. This kit includes peroxide, tweezers, and other important items and is big enough to add more supplies. Plus, the red bag color makes it noticeable and easy to keep track of.

Here Kitty Kitty
Author: Debra
Location: Lathrop, CA
Most of us don't think of our four footed furry friends UNTIL an emergency happens. I purchased this kit to add to my emergency preparedness supplies for our 7... yes 7 cats!

I purchased evac kits for all my girls and bought this to deal with minor medical issues, should the need arise.

Hopefully I'll never need to use it, but there is peace of mind knowing I have it. There is some room in the bag to augment with additional supplies.

This is a great compact kit, but I'd love to see larger kits designed to deal with multiples.

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