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Reviews for Ectopamine Natural Flea, Tick and Mosquito Control for Cats, 6 Pack (1016549)

Good Stuff!
Author: Susan L
Location: CA
With the first application the odor of this product was pretty potent but I am now used to it. It seems to work. My cats do not have bites on and around their head and ears like when I was using the more expensive brands on the market. Am so far very pleased with this product.

Author: Lara Klaver
Location: Camden
All-natural lemon and other oils and it gets rid of fleas and ticks! I'm so glad there's something out there that doesn't rely on harsh chemicals. Mother Nature really is the answer!

Works great and smells sort of good too!
Author: K. Brown
I use this on both our indoor cats and love it. There are no rash chemicals to worry about. I have been using it on them for months. They even go outside on occasion, and still no fleas or anything like that. Just make sure you apply every 3 weeks. I love that this is cheap, safe, and works. I recommend it to everyone I know!

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